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Damn heat

OK, it's official, I am now melting into the computer chair. It's seriously too hot. It makes me feel tierd too so I can barely see the screen *grr* and its making me all snappy too. This would be a really bad time for someone to play up-they wouldn't even get to feel the door smack there ass ofn the way out I'd do it so quickly
I don't half whine a lot don't I? *giggles* Meh, my journal, so I'm allowed to bitch :P
On the plus side Slashy's going great guns, biggest test will be when we all bugger off for a holiday. I remember when we went on the UK tour-I think I saw hay bales rolling accross the screen! It was mighty pretty but not something that filed me with joy. When Tina goes to Tammerfest (and if I don't go with her) I'll be looking after the baby by myself for a bit as well as loads of other places. So if I fall off the side of the earth that's where I'll be.