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Yay, eep, busy and freaked

Yay stuff:
I finally have a new wireless thingy which works without having to play twister, which I've been doing for the last few weeks.
I'm actually using this blog for a proper 'Hows My Life Going' blog. *hears the gasps of shock from the audience*
There's a place where the guys all dress like Duck. Bad thing is none of them come even close to Callum's pretty. *sigh* I live in hope
Oh and go me *paul gross arms*
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Eep stuff:
Well I've been tagged for stop drop porn and my porn is completely broken. Seriously, I've written everything except the porn :O ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
I got an e-mail telling me that there are more tickets on sale for Glastonbury and I actually cried. I have no idea why, I think I've lost it completely.

I'm going to be so damn busy the rest of this month. On Friday I have to travel to Plymouth to have a hearing test (and I'm terrified, the place is right opposite where I had my braces when I was younger-bad memories), traveling the 300 miles back the next day. Saturday after that moving house, then that Wednesday hopefully off to Glastonbury!! Yay Bjork, The Who, my favorite comediennes, shirley Bassey and the Youth Orchestra all in one place, how can you not love it!
Hmm, the Slashy chat night may be pushed back to July, I guess that will be the same month we zetaboard upgrade. haha that will freak a fair few people out i imagine, I can't tell you how different it is.

Oh and the freaky thing:
Tori Spelling on Johnathan Ross' show tonight.

added: how funny is that mood picture thing? *cackles at it* I've scared the ferret!