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1character challenge

My completed (just on time!) 1character challenge.

Title: A Mountie, Two Rays and A Wolf
Fandom: Due South
Character: Benton Fraser
Theme set: Eta
Disclaimer: Due South belongs to the alliance which includes all characters, so none belong to me. No copyright infringement is meant.
Rating: NC-17

#01 - Fair Play: Fraser always had a strong sense of fair play, but now overwhelmingly so.
#02 - Bones: Dief was happily eating his bone, making a mess over the consulate floor, much to Fraser's despair.
#03 - Desire: The desire rushed straight through Ray as he watched the naked Mountie stroke his cock.
#04 - Flower: Ben watched Ray play with the daisy he had been given, something was clearly troubling the blond detective.
#05 - Hat Box: Ray fell over a hat box and fell onto Fraser sending them both skidding across the floor.
#06 - Jump: Fraser jumped from building to building trying to track down his man.
#07 - Mother: Ray Vecchio's mother had taken to Benton straight away.
#08 - Father: "I am Benton Fraser of the royal Canadian mounted police, I first came to Chicago on the trail of my fathers killers; Ray why haven't you stopped me?"
#09 - Saliva: Fraser licked the table leg, and Ray screwed up his nose at him.
#10 - Kaleidoscope: A kaleidoscope of colours burst in front of Ben's eyes as he came powerfully before darkness overcame him.
#11 - Primary Colors: Ray stroked over Ben's uniform, he decided he definitely preferred the red uniform over the brown.
#12 - Ideal: Fraser couldn't believe his luck, his ideal man was draped over him, snuggling closer into his chest.
#13 - Challenge: It was a challenge to get Ben to just give up control and be fully open with Ray but it was worth it.
#14 - Scar: Ray payed special attention to Fraser's scar where he had been shot by the other Ray.
#15 - Face: Ben felt Ray's long fingers trace his face, almost as if he was trying to ease and erase all the cuts and bruises.
#16 - Unzipped: Ray watched greedily as Ben unzipped his trousers, slowly and teasingly.
#17 - Comfort: He hated to admit it to Ray but the soft, comfortable beds were something Fraser dreamed about when he was sleeping on the hard floor or the bumpy ground.
#18 - Homeland: He was back in Canada, Fraser felt finally like he was home.
#19 - Window: Each little raindrop ran down Fraser's window, his eyes tracking them until they were out of sight, deep in thought.
#20 - Try: Fraser didn't just try to do his best, he always carried out everything to perfection.
#21 - Black Cloud: A fierce storm was brewing judging by the dark black clouds that Fraser could see ahead.
#22 - Call: Ray felt horrible not being able to tell the truth to Benny over that phone call.
#23 - Design: The beautiful, clear design was extremely appreciated by Fraser.
#24 - Concentrate: It was hard to concentrate with a sexy Mountie breathing over your neck.
#25 - Bite: Ben rubbed ointment in the bite marks Ray had enthusiastically given him last night.
#26 - Power: The powerful thrusts became quicker and even stronger as Fraser came.
#27 - Fingers: Ben's fingers probed ever deeper into Ray's willing body, the tight heat surrounding his fingers and making his cock jolt with want.
#28 - Damage: Fraser gave a long detailed explanation of his chase to justify how much damage he had caused.
#29 - Glue: Fraser had managed to get the glue exactly where he wanted it, Ray on the other hand was less successful and know had it in his hair.
#30 - Natural: Ben smelt natural, like bonfires and wood and it aroused Ray beyond belief.
#31 - Respite: There was no respite from the biting cold and howling gales attacking Ray and Fraser.
#32 - Disaster: Ray's placed had been ransacked, it looked like a disaster area and Fraser couldn't help but feel a bit responsible.
#33 - Accuse: Ray glared at his accusers, he couldn't believe that he'd let Fraser talk him into talking with these guys.
#34 - Morning: The light irritated his eyes as he slowly woke up to the sight of Ray Kowalski cuddling even closer to his body.
#35 - Haunted: The haunted look in his eyes cut though the night sky, the trauma he had gone though so worryingly clear for just one moment.
#36 - Wrong: How could something be wrong if it made Ben feel happier than he could ever remember?
#37 - Note: It was just a short simple note, but it proved Fraser cared.
#38 - Go: Fraser's get up and go seemed to have got up and went.
#39 - Upside Down: Ray was upside down again, he hadn't even been anything but the right way up until he met Fraser.
#40 - Keep Out: He should of seen that keep out sign
#41 - Sides: Fraser made good use of Ray's ticklish sides, making Ray jump and wake instantly.
#42 - Separation: Fraser ached for Ray, he couldn't cope with the separation from him for this long.
#43 - Trail: Fraser was hot on the trail of Muldoon, it was something he had thought about many times before and now he was finding completion.
#44 - Liar: One of the men called Fraser a liar in the vain hope that he could be let off, but only got stony silence from the cops.
#45 - Hour: The clock ticked closer to the hour and the phone had not rang yet, a worry crept into her mind that the cop and the Mountie had failed.
#46 - Easy: Nothing about Fraser was easy, but everything about Fraser was worth it.
#47 - Tie: Fraser grabs Ray's tie and ties Ray's hands behind his back, enjoying the power more than he thought.
#48 - Sense: Fraser could sense something was wrong with Francesca but couldn't work out what exactly was upsetting her.
#49 - Education: Benton was extremely anxious to educate Ray in the ways of the Canadian wilderness.
#50 - Change: Everything had to change, he had to move on no matter what he left behind, his father had taught him that much.

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