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1 Fandom sentences

I'm doing a challenge for 1fandom which is to write 50 sentences for one fandom. I chose Top Gear RPS.

sixth set
01. MoveJeremy hates moving in the morning, the muscles protesting and bones clicking, true hell.
02. SleepRichard feels so tired, just wanting to sleep for a thousand years, maybe he‘ll wake up a true princess.
03. InspireJames is Jeremy’s inspiration in life, his grace and angelic beauty never ceasing to take Jeremy’s breath away.
04. SweatRichard wake up in a cold sweat, the nightmare making his body run a fever.
05. LovelyJeremy wonders if he realises how lovely he is, he senses that he doesn‘t truly know.
06. BreatheThe feeling of the heavy weight on top of Richard makes him feel safe and warm until he realises he can’t breathe, “Jeremy!”
07. RoughJames thrusts get faster and rougher bringing a screaming Richard to orgasm.
08. StrikeJames hits his third strike of the night, much to the clear annoyance of James and Richard.
09. HelpJeremy can’t bring himself to ask for the help he desperately needs, the shame would be too great for him.
10. ResistJeremy’s last cohesive thought is wondering why they had resisted so long before his body gives over to the exquisite pleasure.
11. MeetThe mobile phone beeped as the text message came through, teasingly short. ‘Meet me tonight at our place.’
12. TautHis young lover eased his tense and taut muscles in his back, the sigh escaping from his mouth echoing through the room.
13. ThirstAll four of them entwined in there large bed were sleeping soundly.
14. AllRichard strained to hear the powering v8 race though the fog, his Stig setting a new lap time in the Porsche.
15. FogThe Stig wondered what had happened to Jeremy and James; they had seemed so close before James broke up with his girlfriend.
16. BeforeThe pain was almost unbearable, Jeremy’s two younger lovers being too energetic for his back.
17. HurtRichard couldn’t explain him to anyone, kind was the nearest thing he could get to how James was; it seemed like he was stating the obvious.
18. KindAhh, these are the times to live for, James May pouring wine over your naked chest then lapping it up with a warm tongue.
19. WarmJames couldn’t work out the pattern; the Telegraph crossword was getting harder he was sure of that.
20. PatternJames couldn’t work out the pattern; the Telegraph crossword was getting harder he was sure of that.
21. CycleJeremy could see that he was going to go straight into the branch; he really should have got those brakes checked on his bicycle before he used it.
22. GlowThey bathed in the relaxed after glow of there love making.
23. ZeroYet another newspaper headline, ‘Clarkson-Zero or Hero?’
24. WonderJeremy didn’t know if it was good or worrying that Richard stated at his cock with such wonder.
25. ScoldJames licked the scolded Stig’s fingers, trying to ease the burning pain.
26. FigureA lonely figure was lurking in the shadows, disgusted at himself for being so turned on with what he had just seen.
27. ThenThen it all went blank for him, falling into whirring whiteness.
28. LieJames never lied to Richard, he just couldn’t; Jeremy on the other hand was a different story.
29. HuntWhile Jeremy was shouting some right-wing, pro-hunt speech at anyone willing to listen, The Stig kept an eerie silence.
30. MistakeIt was all an awful case of mistaken identity which made Jeremy plead with Richard desperately.
31. BirthThe birth of Top Gear Dog’s puppies made Richard cry embarrassingly into James’s shoulder.
32. CutThe Stig licked at Richard cut gently, somehow healing the wound.
33. DoubleJames gulped down the fourth double scotch of the night, loving the feel of the strong alcohol burning its path down his throat.
34. Cover Jeremy wasn’t sure he wanted to know what was going on underneath the covers at the other end of the Shamal XL.
35. LickThe small lapping licks on his painfully hard cock set Richard off, he bucked and groaned as James sucked and licked.
36. WheelThey were all at a loss to explain how the wheel had come off the Kia.
37. SlightRichard’s body was so slight and tiny compared to his much bigger partner.
38. FlingHe knew it was more than a fling to James, but he had less to lose, he couldn’t do it to his family.
39. Sorry“I’m sorry I shouted at you James,” Richard apologies while getting onto his knees to try and make it up to him.
40. Call He was always waiting for that phone call, the one that ended up never coming.
41. JewelHe might not have been conventionally good looking, but to James he was a thousand times more beautiful than any jewel.
42. FruitRichard whirled his tongue around the strawberry, licking his lips when some of the juice escaped as his drooling lovers looked on hungrily.
43. HouseJeremy’s Isle Of Man house was the bet place for the three of them to get complete privacy.
44. SwimRichard couldn’t believe it, how can a man get to the age of 46 without learning how to swim.
45. FamilyWho needed a family when you had Jeremy and Richard’s children running under your feet trying to catch Pablo and Top Gear Dog?
46. InterestTop Gear Dog paid particular interest to Fusker’s paws, making sure they were well sniffed before liking the mad cat’s nose.
47. RecordThey lay on there back panting for breath until James looked up and saw the red light on the camera, “Hey, is this thing recording?”
48. GlassThe glass shattered to the fall, splintering like his broken heart.
49. Shape“You need to eat more than Shape yoghurt Richard, food won’t dent your teeth whitening I’m sure.”
50. LiveHe just wanted to live freely, do whatever he wanted, not be constrained by rules or gates; but now he was penned in like a caged animal.


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Aug. 27th, 2006 09:44 am (UTC)
have never come accross top gear slash before and I didn't think it would be any good. This was a good way to use all of those 50 lines, are you going to do any of the other prompts
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